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Life groups

We are all about creating a Spiritual Family

What are the Life groups?

Life Groups are the best way to get in touch with other members that are living, learning or looking for people with the same interests! We have Life Groups for Couples where they talk about how to face the challenges of a marriage applying the knowledge of Christian Spiritism. Our Gospel at Home Life Group brings joy and light visiting a new family every month. The Volunteer Group plan and organize our community service activities. The Children and the Youth have their groups as well!

CCSC Kid's

Our Kids Life Group organize activities, pajama nights, charitable activities and fun projects with kids from zero to 5th grade. Building a culture of Peace and Virtue is the goal of the leading team.

Couple's Life Couple

The Couple's Life Group at CCSC meets monthly to share thoughts and experiences about the challenges into marriage and family. All meetings are followed by a social snack time. Portuguese only. 

Gospel at Home Life Goup

The Gospel at Home Life Group meets monthly at one's home to bring joy and light studying the Gospel According to Spiritism. The meeting also includes singing some songs, having a relaxed time and the blessed water. This group also visits hospitals and nursing homes by request.

Volunteer Group

We plan and organize Food Drives, Soup Kitchen, Clothing donations, visits to the Men's Shelter, etc.

Everyone is welcome to join us!

Youth Group

This Group will start soon. But you can join now!

College Students' Life Group

This Group will start soon. But you can join now!

Image by Andre Hunter
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